Let’s build together

bld.ai provides consultancy services through our global network of partners who use our unique proprietary platform Flow to optimize interactions between clients and partners. Together we efficiently deliver fully deployed, adopted, and supported digital products.

A Little More About Us

A few facts

Founded in 2018

bld.ai was founded in 2018 by business leaders, professors, designers, engineers, and data scientists who were passionate about finding a better business model to build software for clients.

Served more than 100 clients

We have served over 100 clients who range from big enterprises to VC backed startups. Our project sizes range from $10,000 to $10,000,000 USD.

Over 600 skilled workers

Our partner network includes more than 600 skilled workers including, data scientists, designers, developers, engineers, and product managers.

High quality software services

Our business model evolves to ensure we deliver high quality software services efficiently for our clients and profitable growth for our organization.

Through our network we provide thought leadership and high quality software services leveraging our unique platform Flow.


Our goal

bld.ai’s goal is to seamlessly connect our clients with our global network of high quality software service providers (i.e., partners). Flow automates all internal process which allows us to minimize prices for clients while maximizing revenues for partners.


Our clients

We work hand-in-hand with our clients ranging from big enterprises to startups. Clients utilize our teams to build products that create a differentiated customer experience. Together we quickly bring your vision to a fully deployed, adopted, and supported digital product.


Our partners

Partners are thoroughly vetted consultancies, dev shops, design studios, and expert freelancers. Partners use Flow to connect with clients and other Partners to efficiently implement our clients’ vision. bld.ai’s independent QA teams work with clients and partners to ensure high quality products.


The Flow platform

Flow facilitates work between our clients and our Partner Network. It streamlines workflows, automates back-office tasks, incentivizes sales and recruitment to grow our network, and automatically allocates revenue to Partners.

Client Benefits

Client benefits include

Light bulb inside head

Thought leadership

Checkmark inside shield

Quality assurance


Fast delivery speed

Dollar symbol inside cog

Cost optimization

Exclamation mark inside magnifying glass

Risk managements

Partner Benefits

Partner benefits include


Global opportunities

Rising dollar

Financial benefits


Process automation


Culture of collaboration


Work flexibility

How to launch

I want to find a team and start building

How to launch

Get a proposal

Our partners will respond quickly to refine the problem statement and proposed solution and prepare detailed milestones and cost and schedule estimates.


Sign documents

Sign all legal documents (e.g., NDA and MSA) using our streamlined document signing workflows.


Start building

How to join

I want to join the partner network.

How to join

Interview with our partners

Members of our partner network will reach out and conduct ~3 interviews to learn more about you and your capabilities.


Sign documents

Sign all legal documents (e.g., NDA and consulting agreement) using our streamlined document signing workflows.


Start building

Find a project on the bld.ai network and start building.

The bld.ai partner network

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